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Related article: Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 01:09:33 EDT From: Subject: Chance and Brian Chapter 14Disclaimer: This story is purely fiction, I do not know any boy band members and probably never will, or do I claim to know there sexual orientation, or do I care..If homosexuality offends you in anyway then please do not read any further and leave. If you are to young to read this then leave now. Again thank you to everyone who has written me.. it is very much appreciated. CHAPTER 14 Chance and Brian ***************************************************The elevator doors were slowly closing... everything was moving at a slower pace.. or it was my imagination playing tricks on me. I was praying... Please shut..... please shut.. The elevator doors stopped and started to open again.. my thoughts were.. shit.... shit.... shit.. I moved to the far back corner young xxx modells trying to blend into the wall.. praying it wasnt Nick.. just then a lone figure walked in and looked at me... I put my head down and cussed under my breath. and mumbled.. "I swear to god I have no friggin luck except bad luck"I pulled my head back up and looked him in the eyes.. I watched as a tear left his eye and rolled down and off of his cheek.He walked up to me crying and said "Im so sorry, im sorry... god Chance please dont hate me.." he laid his head against my chest and sobbed.. "I was stupid... god please forgive me.. what I vlad models video did was wrong and I know that ." He wrapped his arms around me and continued to sob into my chest.I wanted to push him off of me and tell him that I didnt have anything to say to him, but I couldnt... I cared too much about Nick.. so I wrapped my arms around him and said "Nick I am so mad at you right now I could spit nails"He sobbed out "I know you are"A single tear ran down my cheek as I said "Hes all I have Nick, hes my life. Hell he is the only child that I will probably ever have. Nicky, I dont hate you I never could, but right now im just really upset with you.""Im sorry Chance, I really am." he said as he pulled himself closer to me.."I know you are Nick, but that doesnt change the fact of what you did, why didnt you call Kevin, AJ or Howie to watch him for a asian teen model little while, or hell you could have called me Nick, Brian and I would have come back.. but you dont leave a five year old all by himself... it underge nude models doesnt work that way.. I trusted you to take care of my son.. I put all my faith in you that you would do what was right and not wrong. That trust and faith was broken.""Chance can you ever forgive me?""Nicky, you know I will forgive you.. but its gonna be hard to forget.. I hope you know it will be a while before I leave Nate with you again.""I know Chance.. God im sorry.""I know you are Nicky.. and I do fogive you. ""Nick why dont you go back down and talk with your friend, im going to go up and go to bed.. im exhausted,"Nick looked up at me biz teens model and said "he left, I told him that I would call him tomorrow.""Oh ok... well then lets head to the room and get some sleep"Nick released me and walked over and pushed the button for 21 again. I stood back against the wall and closed my eyes thinking about what a tramatic night it had been for me.I opened my eyes and looked at Nick he was standing by the door waiting for it to open.. I said" Nick come over here please." He walked over to me.. I wrapped my arms around him and said " Nick im glad I got to meet you.. I feel like I have a little brother now.. its something that I have always wanted, it would take a lot more than what happened tonight to make me hate you."I held him until we reached the 21st floor, once the doors started opening I released him and told him that everything would be ok.We walked out of the elevator and turned right and walked down to Brians room, I pulled out the key card and put it in the lock young kid models and pulled it back out quickly and waited for the little light to turn green.Once it did I opened the door and waited for Nick to enter. I walked in behind him and shut the door.. I heard Nate say "But Brian I dont want to go to bed yet.""Nate, you get up in that bed and lay sandra model ce down, its way past your bedtime."Nate yelled "NO"Nick and I walked into the room. I looked from Brian to Nate and back nude hippy models to Brian and said "Brian do not let him talk to you like that.""Nathaniel Archer, I do not and I mean do not want to ever hear you talk to another adult like that.. do I make myself clear.!""But dad.""Nathaniel Archer you get over here right now!" he walked over to me and said "yes dad""I suggest you walk back over to Brian and appologize to him for being rude, and then you do whatever he tells you to from now on and if you dont do what Brian tells you he will have every right spank your behind. Do you understand me!""Yes dad""Well then I suggest you move it before I spank you for being rude."He walked back over to Brian and said "Im sorry Brian.""I except your apology Nate, now go into Nicks room and get in bed. ""Yes sir."Nate walked through the door and into Nicks room and crawled into bed.Brian walked over to me and said "What an interesting evening." and looked at Nick angrily and said "You and I need to talk about what happened Nick."I said "Brian please lets just leave this for tonight ok, Nick and I have talked and I will tell you what happened later ok?"Chance I think we need to talk about this now..""We will Brian I promise, but just you and I......Ok?""Ok" was all he said I couldn't tell if he was 3 zombie model mad or not.I looked at Nick and said "Why don't you go get in bed Nick, Brian and I need to talk.""Ok, again Chance I'm really sorry I disappointed you.""That's ok Nick, would you shut the door when you go please.""Sure" he repliedHe walked over to the connecting door and looked back at Brian and I. He stepped into his room and shut the door.I looked at Brain and said "Cant this day just be over with? Please?"He didnt smile he didnt even show one ounce vlad models video of humor. so I guess I now know.... hes pissed..I sat down on the bed, laid back.. and shut my eyes, I laid there trying to collect ls little models my thoughts.. I wanted nothing more than to sleep... I opened my eyes and looked over at Brian he didnt move. He was still standing there looking at me.. so I said "what Brian, if you have something to say please just say it.""I guess I dont have anything to say, Chance""Well im sorry you feel that way ls little models Brian, because you know what, I have a lot to say, but im not going to say it with you pissed off like this.. I want you to be able to hear what im saying without anger interfering. nude hippy models So I think I will go check on Nate and then take a shower and go to bed."I sat up and looked at him, there was no emotion on his face. so I stood and walked over to the connecting door, opened it and walked into Nicks room. Nick was laying on the bed watching tv as Nate jumping up and down on the bed."Nate Archer you will not be told again, you get in that bed and go to sleep, if I have to tell you again it will be a spanking do you understand me!"He stopped bouncing and said "yes sir" he laid down and pulled the covers over him. I walked over and tucked him in and said "Now go to sleep." I kissed him on the forehead.I walked over to Nick and said "Are you ok?""Yeah im fine Chance, Brians really mad at me huh?""Yes he is, but hes mad at me too.""Why, you didnt do anything wrong I did, damn Chance I am causing all kinds of trouble and im sorry for that." he started to get up and said "let me go talk to him Chance, I will straighten this out.. since it is my fault.""Have at it Nick, I'm going to go take a shower and go to bed."I walked back into Brian's room and over to my bag, I pulled out some boxers and a shirt and looked at Brian and said "Is it ok if I take a shower?""Of course it is Chance, you dont have to ask.""Thanks, I should be done shortly." I was pissed.. I couldn't believe that he would be so upset about not talking to Nick.. If he would have just let me talk to him and tell him what happened he would have understood.. but he was to mad to let me explain.I walked past him and Nick and went into asian teen model the bathroom and shut the door. I sat down on the side free little models of the tub and started crying... my thoughts were... how could one day be so bad.. teen model thumbs I want nothing more than to go to bed and sleep away the pain, heartache and anger.I stood and pulled open the stall door and turned on the water. I stripped out of my clothes and adjusted the water temperature. I stepped in and stood underneath the shower head hopping the water would wash away all my sorrows. I grabbed the soap and started to scrub myself clean.. I took my time letting the warmth of the water relax me. I grabbed my shampoo and put some into my hand started to rub it into my hair. I let it sit for about a minute then started to rinse it out. I grabbed the conditioner and applied it to my hair letting it sit for about two minutes.. as I was rinsing it out I felt something touch my side.. I jumped. I then felt some ones arms wrap around me."You better be Brian, if your not I am so out of here."I heard him giggle and say "Yes its me babe..... are you mad at me?""Brian lets just say that I amateur model videos am not really happy right now.""Im sorry Chance.. I really am, I should have listened to you, instead of acting the way I did. Nick ummm ...had a little talk with me and told me what an ass I was being... and that you were only protecting him because you had already chewed him out. then I act nude hippy models like an idiot and piss you off even more.""Brian yes I was pissed, but I was more hurt than mad.. I just wanted you to listen to me. I would have told you everything.. how Nick was crying in my arms, but you didnt even give me that chance. You just got all pissed off and shut me out. young pixie models I figured we had nothing to talk about until you calmed down. Brian..... Nick was upset enough without you 10yo models pics yelling at him again, so yes I guess I was protecting him."He turned me around and said "Baby I really am sorry, can you please forgive me?""No, Brian I cant, just forgive you.. you wouldnt even let me talk to you. you shut me out, if we are going to have a relationship we cant do that to each other."He had a horrified look on his face and said "I guess I deserve that... I am really sorry.. I just............" I cut him off and said "however I will forgive and forget the whole thing, because I do love you. so I do except your apology."He smiled at me and said "Can I have a kiss to seal the apology?"I bent down and kissed him on the lips and said "Why are you standing in the shower with your clothes on?"He started laughing and said "well I wasnt sure if you wanted me in here or not.... and then I wasnt sure if I should be in here with you naked... I didnt know if that would cross the line and make you uncomfortable."I smiled at him and said 9yo young model "Brian what do your instincts tell you?""Well first it told me that I needed to come apoligize and second I wanted to come in naked but thought maybe I shouldnt.""Brian you should always go with your instincts" I said smiling at him."Good im glad you said that cause these clothes weigh a ton all wet."I startled laughing and said "Well then maybe you should take them off."Brian looked into my eyes and said "are you serious?"."Of course im serious Brian, we have seen each other naked before its no big deal.""HEY!"I started laughing and said "I meant seeing you naked you perv, I wasnt talking about your winkie" and smacked him on the arm.He started laughing and said "Winkie?, whats that about."I chuckled and said "thats what Paula calls a ls little models mans penis and I guess it has rubbed off on me, plus I think its kinda cute."He smiled and pulled me closer and said "yeah it is kinda cute.""Brian are talking about my winkie or about the word??"He looked down and got this evil grin on his face and said "both Babe.. both."Brian started to unbutton his shirt. I grabbed his hands and said.." rape models pics Can I help?"Smiling Broadly he said "of course you can."I pushed him back a little and undid the first button and kissed his nose.. I undid the second button and kissed his neck... I undid the third button and kissed his ear... he moaned while I giggled.. at least I now know a sensitive spot.. hehehehe I undid the last button and kissed him on the lips. I stepped back and pulled the shirt off of him."You ok Tig?""Oh yeah im perfectly fine, why?""You have goose bumps""Baby... they are not from being cold, they are from you turning me on.. and I want more."I looked at him lovingly and said "and more nude blak models you shall have."I ran my hands down his sides and grabbed his butt and squeezed, he moaned as I kissed him on the lips. I ran my hands back up his back and stopped with my hand at his neck and my other hand on his side. I pulled him closer so that he would 9yo young model obtain access to my mouth.. I slightly parted my lips and allowed his tongue to run across then inner part of my lips.. I sucked on his tongue which caused us both to moan.I pulled back a little and looked down, I ran my hands down his sides and around to his belt. I undid the belt and then the first button on his jeans. I looked back up and into his eyes only to see love and desire. I smiled at him and pulled his t-shirt out of his pants and pushed it up around his chest.. I bent down and kissed his stomach and then moved further north to his chest.. I slowly licked around his left nipple only to hear him moan loadly. I smiled and nibbled on it making him squirm and giggle, I then sucked on it again hearing him moan."Baby, if you dont stop we are going to have a problem." he moaned ukrain child models out.I pulled back and kissed his nipple and said " Thats ok Tig, I have no problem with that" as I licked my way over to his right nipple where I lightly sucked on it.. he was moaing louder and trying to grind his young kid models hips into my chest.. I knew I was driving him wild and that he was probably close, so I thought that I should probably stop torturing him.. I stood back up and pulled his t-shirt all the way off.Once the t-shirt was off I leaned in for a long passionate kiss.. I allowed his tongue access my mouth, I moaned as he rubbed his tongue against my inner lip, as we were kissing I ran my hands back down his side and to the front of his pants to un zip them.. once they were unzipped them fell from his body.. the only article of clothing on his body were his boxers. he stepped out of his jeans and kicked them aside..He leaned back into me and said "Baby I want you so bad."I couldnt have been happier.. I wrapped my arms around him and massaged his back. I moved lower to his hips and slowly ran my fingers under the waist band of his boxers. I slowly inched lower and lower until his boxers were at thigh level.. I bent down and slowly slid them down his legs until they were at his ankles, he stepped out of them and looked down at me. I smiled at him and started kissing my way back up his legs..I started with his left leg and kissed his thigh a few times and then moved to his inner thigh and licked my way toward his crotch. Brian giggled and said "That nude model pictures tickles."I looked up at him and smiled and said "do you want me to stop?""Hell no, keep going, your driving me wild.""Brian... im thinking that I want to show you how much I love you... can I?"His eyes lit up and he had a huge smile on russian underwear model his face and shook his head yes.I bent closer to him and took the head of his penis in my mouth. He instantly moaned at the feel of my mouth wraping around his penis. He moaned loudly as I ran my tongue around teen model thumbs the head of his penis. I heard him say "oh god Chance, I love you so much." I giggled and heard him moan a little louder.I pulled back and let his penis slip out of my mouth. I looked up at him and said "Your close arnt you Tig?""Baby, I am so close I think my head is going nn sandra model to explode."I seductivly said "would you like me to finish?""Baby, Please.. please " he beggedI smiled and leaned foward and put my hand on the base of his penis and started to find a rhythm as I stroked him.. as my hand came back to the top of his penis I rubbed the head with my thumb causing him to moan.. I leaned closer and put his penis back into my mouth.. I removed my hand and let Brian keep the rhythm going, as he made love to my mouth.He put his hands on my shoulders to steady himself as he continued his in and out motion. I heard him so "Baby im close, god please dont stop, im so close."He sped up his hip motions and I could see his legs start shaking, so I wrapped my arms around him and grabbed onto his butt cheeks to steady him. He pumped in and out a few more times when he Yelled "Oh God Chance im gonna........." thats when he came in my mouth.. I continued to suck on his penis until his orgasm passed.I looked up at him and smiled, he had his head back and the sexiest smile on his face. I continued to hold onto his body as I slowly began to stand.. once I preteeb bikini model was fully underge nude models standing I wrapped my arms around his waist and let him lean against my chest.Brian looked up and into my eyes and said " WOW"I started laughing and said "Tig that is only the beginning." He chuckled and said "Umm... I think you missed something.""What do you mean?"He leaned up and kissed me and licked the corner of my mouth and pulled back and stuck his tongue out eon management model at me and said "This."I pulled back a little and looked at him and started laughing, he was referring to some cum that must have slipped out of my mouth.I kissed him and said "Well im glad you were here to save the day Tig."he looked at me lovingly and said "That was awesome baby, I cant tell you how eon management model wonderful it was.""Im glad you appreciated it sweetie.""But I want to do the same thing to you Chance."That would be wonderful Tig, but not here I feel like a prune and you are getting a little wrinkly too.""Geez thanks.. first you give me the best head job I have ever had and then you tell me I look wrinkly.. wow you know how youngest model dorki to make a man young model blowjob feel good." he said laughing."Brian you are getting wrinkly, look at your hands" I said laughing a little "plus I would like do this somewhere that isnt so wet."He lifted his hands and looked at them and said "Ughh... ok lets get out of here."We stood underneath the water and nude blak models rinsed off, I shut the water off, and stepped out and grabbed a couple of towels. I walked back into the shower stall and said "how about if I dry you off sweetie.""Yeah"I started laughing and said "damn you are such a wise man and your vocabulary is overwhelming."I put one of the towels down and walked up to Brian and started to dry his hair and then moved down his body.He just laughed at me and said "I love you so much, you know Chance I cant guarantee our relationship will be perfect and that we will have all good times, hell you and I both know that we will have some bad times thats part of life and I know sometimes I can be stubborn and bullheaded but please dont ever forget you are the man that I love. Always and forever baby."I smiled up at him and said "your such a sap.. thats what I love about you.""HEY!""Brian..... if I didnt love you I wouldnt be here and I wouldnt be drying you off, hell nonude modell I wouldnt have done what I did to you a little while ago. Take the compliment Brian thats what it was meant to be.""I know sweetie, I was just giving you a hard time."I started laughing and said "Yeah I can see that.""Oh my god and you call me a childmodel 11yo perv, I didnt mean my winkie.. I meant oh hell never mind..""Brian.... I can see that I have created a little problem for you.. and I was wondering if maybe we should go ahead and take this to the bedroom?""Cool babe lets take it to the bedroom, but let me remind you the reason I have a problem is because you had your hands all over me.""Oh.. thank you, that makes me feel good" I said as I kissed him.. "I never knew that I could do that to someone""Every time you touch me I get like this.""Lets go do something about it then" I said grabbing my clothes and his hand and dragging him out of the bathroom.We walked into the most amazing sight. There were a dozen candles all over the room, The table was set and two candles were lit for the meal waiting for us. I heard soft music asian teen model playing on the radio.I turned and looked at Brian and said "Did you do this?"He shook his head and said "No""Brian it must have been Nick then.... if you didnt do this.""It must have been baby."Brian picked up something off of the table and said "Chance this is for you."I took the envelope out of his hand asian teen model and opened it. It said Chance,I am so sorry for letting you down tonight, I hope this will help make up for it. Dont worry about Nate hes already sleeping.. i hope you two have a wonderful evening. I love you both Nick I looked at Brian and said "here sweetie why dont you read it, its for you too."I handed the letter to Brian and walked over to the table to see what was for dinner. Nick ordered me a chefs salad with some bread sticks. I checked Brians plate.. he had a piece of chicken with some sauteed veggies.. and a baked potato. To drink there was a bottle of wine and water.. with coffee for dessert. I walked over to the bed and put on some boxers and a t-shirt."Babe... why are you getting dressed?""I want to go in and tell Nick thank you for doing all this."Brian walked up to me and said "Babe... you can tell him that in the morning.. cant it just be the two of us until then?""yeah I guess your right.. I will tell him in the morning."Brian wrapped his arms around me leaned in and kissed me and asked "are you hungry?""Of course, im starving, shall we sit and eat?"He walked me over to the table and pulled out the chair for me. I kissed him on the cheek and said "Bri.... always and forever.""I couldnt agree more babe." you could see the love in his eyes.I sat down as Brian walked over to his chair and sat down.. I stood back up.. Brian looked at me and said "Where are you going""Well...........I just wanted to be closer to the man I love."I pushed my chair over to his side of the table and went back and grabbed my plate and wine glass.. I set the plate down and sat down.. and said "Yep this is much better."*********************************************I hope you liked this chapter.. let me know what you think.. good bad or me at tnerb65aol.comthanks again for readingTnerb
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